CHIMERE bugs and updates

  • This page lists the bugs found in the current last CHIMERE version and the updates to add in order to have a more secure code.
  • Each time a bug is found, the corresponding chimere version has a new name: the letter at the end of the name version is increased by a letter (from "A" to "B" for example).
  • If a slight update is necessary, the file is displayed on this page only

Model version Description Reported or Found by... Download
chimere2017r4 Corrects a problem in the creation of boundary conditions of nested domains A.Royer (October, 2017)
emiSURF2016b Correction of the EMEP grid coordinates M.Valari (October, 2017) COORD_EMEP50x50
chimere2017 Bug fixes in atmphys.F90 and worker_message_subs.F90: WRF surface pressure for the case of CHIMERE grid identical to that of WRF; size of MPI mesages A.Deroubaix, D.Khvorostyanov (March, 2017) atmphys.F90; worker_message_subs.F90
chimere2017 Bug fix in domains-extract_geog.F90 for the vegetation fraction S.Mailler, L.Menut (March, 2017) domains-extract_geog.F90
chimere2013b Fixed bug in prep_chimere.F90 for the case where the coarse simulation output is in ug/m3 Adrien Royer/Sandy Adriaenssens
(March, 2014)
a -> a+
Added some checks for wrong directories in the main script Adrien Royer
(November, 2011)
a -> b
The name of the variable 3CAR used for MEGAN data processing (src/diag/diagbio.f90 and domains/ is changed to TCAR, since the NetCDF library standard requires variable names to begin with an alphabetic character. Qijie Zhang / Igor Konovalov
(December, 2008)
b -> c
Added unset LANG to This is to avoid buggy behavior of gawk on French Linux systems when generating LANDUSE_[dom] files for a new domain. Dmitry Khvorostyanov
(July 8, 2009)