CHIMERE bugs and updates

  • This page lists the bugs found in the current last CHIMERE version and the updates to add in order to have a more secure code.
  • Each time a bug is found, the corresponding chimere version has a new name: the letter at the end of the name version is increased by a letter (from "A" to "B" for example).
  • If a slight update is necessary, the file is displayed on this page only

Model version Description Reported or Found by... Download
chimere2017r4 Problem with the anthropogenic emissions when using the point sources. Replace the following Fortran routine and recompile M.Stortini (January 2019) prep_aemis.F90
chimere2017r4 Problem with chemprep when mineral dust option 'iusedust' is set to zero
You may have this error message when preparing the chemistry and if you selected iusedust=0.
Building output species list
cp: cannot stat 'input-fastj_1.txt': No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove 'input-fastj_1.txt': No such file or directory
Abnormal termination of
Replace the following script (after removing _bugfix in the filename)
L.Menut (September 2018) chemprep-prep-chemistry-data.sh_bugfix
chimere2017r4 Force the use of an interpolation for the surface pressure (in case of WRF use, not always stable). Replace the two following subroutines (after removing _bugfix in the filename) L.Menut (July 2018) calc_turb.F90_bugfix
chimere2017r4 Corrects a problem in the creation of boundary conditions of nested domains A.Royer (October, 2017)
emiSURF2016b Correction of the EMEP grid coordinates M.Valari (October, 2017) COORD_EMEP50x50
chimere2017 Bug fixes in atmphys.F90 and worker_message_subs.F90: WRF surface pressure for the case of CHIMERE grid identical to that of WRF; size of MPI mesages A.Deroubaix, D.Khvorostyanov (March, 2017) atmphys.F90; worker_message_subs.F90
chimere2017 Bug fix in domains-extract_geog.F90 for the vegetation fraction S.Mailler, L.Menut (March, 2017) domains-extract_geog.F90
chimere2013b Fixed bug in prep_chimere.F90 for the case where the coarse simulation output is in ug/m3 Adrien Royer/Sandy Adriaenssens
(March, 2014)