Frequently Asked Questions

Problem Solution

Compilation/installation problems

Problem of configuration where is removed
I want to configure my file but it is deleted when trying to configure the model
  • You have to specify a name that is NOT, otherwise it just erases this template file.
  • The typical command line is:
  • You can download again the here.

Compiling problem: Fatal_Error:_While_reading_module
Fatal Error: While reading module 'netcdf' found module version 0, expected 8.
  • The netcdf library specified in the current Makefile.hdr has been compiled with a different compiler version than the one used for CHIMERE compilation
  • Recompile the netcdf library with the same compiler version as that used to compile CHIMERE

Different Fortran compilers used for MPI and for CHIMERE
Strange compiler error messages that refer to a compiler other than the one used to compile CHIMERE, e.g.
gfortran: unrecognized option '-cpp'
when compiling CHIMERE with g95.
  • Your MPI library was built with a compiler different from the one used to compile CHIMERE (in the case above Open MPI was built with gfortran).
  • Recompile your MPI library or use another compiler with CHIMERE, so that the same compiler is used.

When is it necessary to recompile CHIMERE?
  • Is it necessary to recompile the CHIMERE code before each run?
  • Until version 2014b, it was necessary to recompile when changing the domain or the subdomains number (nzdoms, nmdoms).
  • But now, you only need to recompile if you change something in the Fortran code. Otherwise, just put imakecompil to 0 in your chimere.par.

Running problems

Is it possible to extend the vertical domain?
Is it possible to vertically extend CHIMERE beyond 500 mb (~5km)?
  • Yes. Starting from chimere2014 version, the FastJ radiative transfer model is included in CHIMERE to compute photolysis reaction rates. This makes it possible to extend the model domain vertically beyond 500 hPa.
  • But: Note that above 200hPa (~10km amd UTLS), the chemistry is not realistic