Developers and main contributors

The model is developed at IPSL/LMD (Palaiseau), INERIS (Verneuil en Halatte) and IPSL/LISA (Creteil) in France:

You can contact the developers by using this adress only:
This will send an e-mail to: Laurent Menut, Dmitry Khvorostiyanov, Myrto Valari, Solene Turquety, Sylvain Mailler (LMD), Bertrand Bessagnet, Augustin Colette, Florian Couvidat, Frederik Meleux (INERIS) and Guilaume Siour (LISA).

CHIMERE developers
Name Institute Status Main topic
Bessagnet Bertrand INERIS Research engineer aerosols
Couvidat Florian INERIS Research engineer Aerosols chemistry
Colette Augustin INERIS Research engineer climate
Khvorostyanov Dmitry IPSL/LMD IR CNRS numerics
Mailler Sylvain IPSL/LMD IPCE dynamics, emissions
Meleux Frederik INERIS Research engineer PREVAIR
Menut Laurent IPSL/LMD DR CNRS dynamics, coordination
Siour Guillaume IPSL/LISA IR CNRS Gas chemistry
Turquety Solene IPSL/LMD Assistant Prof. UPMC Fires emissions
Valari Myrto IPSL/LMD Assistant Phys. UPMC Urban modelling

Main contributors
Name Institute Status Main topic
Beekmann Matthias LISA CR CNRS chemistry and soil
Blond Nadege LIV CR CNRS urban pollution
Chaxel Eric 'Reponse Numerique'
Research engineer meteorology (WRF)
Curci Gabriele CETEMPS - L'Aquila (ITALY) Research engineer biogenic emissions (MEGAN)
Forêt Gilles LISA Assistant prof. UPEC data assimilation
Hodzic Roux Alma NCAR/Boulder Scientist-II aerosols / teledetection
Honoré Cécile Airparif Research engineer emissions, PREVAIR implementation
Rouil Laurence INERIS Research engineer PREVAIR coordination
Vautard Robert IPSL/LSCE DR CNRS dynamics, chemistry

Input data main contributors
The CHIMERE models uses a lot of data kindly produced by colleagues. They correspond mainly to input data, boundary conditions. They agree to put their data on this web site for all users and we acknowledge them for this open view of research:

  • Surface anthropogenic emissions suite formatted in NetCDF and for the V200709A version. Data are provided by EMEP-MSCW after the work of [Verstreng, 2003] for gas and PM pollutants
  • Carbonaceous species emissions are provided by Bruno Guillaume, Robert Rosset and Cathy Liousse from the Laboratoire d'Aerologie/Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees
  • The POP's emissions are issued from the EMEP-MSCE database
  • The gaseous species boundary conditions: data are provided by Didier Hauglustaine and Sophie Szopa (Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace / LSCE) using the LMDz-INCA model (see
  • The aerosol species boundary conditions: data are provided by Mian Chin (NASA) from monthly means calculated with the GOCART model (Ginoux et al., 2001, 2004, JGR)

Some institutes support (or supported) the model development [CNRS], [ADEME], TOTAL