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Berrou A., Marnas F., Raybaut M., Godard A., Lefebvre M. Mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy by use of an entangled-cavity doubly resonant OPO 2008 Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO/QELS - Détails   doi
Bertaux, JL., Nevejans, D., Korablev, O., Villard, E., Quemerais, E., Neefs, E., Montmessin, F., Leblanc, F., Dubois, JP., Dimarellis, E., Hauchecorne, A., Lefevre, F., Rannou, P., Chaufray, JY., Cabane, M., Cernogora, G., Souchon, G., Sernelin, F., Reberac, A., Van Ransbeek, E., Berkenbosch, S., Clairquin, R., Muller, C., Forget, F., Hourdin, F., Talagrand, O., Rodin, A., Fedorova, A., Stepanov, A., Vinogradov, I., Kiselev, A., Kalinnikov, Y., Durry, G., Sandel, B., Stern, A., Gerard, JC SPICAV on Venus Express: Three spectrometers to study the global structure and composition of the Venus atmosphere 2007 Planetary and Space Science 55 1673-1700 Détails   doi
Berthet S., Leriche M., Pinty J.-P., Cuesta J., Pigeon G. Scavenging of aerosol particles by rain in a cloud resolving model 2010 Atmospheric Research 96 325-336 Détails   doi
Bessagnet, B.; Menut, L.; Aymoz, G.; Chepfer, H.; Vautard, R. Modelling dust emissions and transport within Europe: the Ukraine March 2007 event 2008 Journal of Geophysical Research 113 15202 Détails   isbn
Bessagnet, B.; Menut, L.; Curci, G.; Hodzic, A.; Guillaume, B.; Liousse, C.; Moukhtar, S.; Pun, B.; Seigneur, C.; Schulz, M. Regional modeling of carbonaceous aerosols over Europe – Focus on Secondary Organic Aerosols 2009 Journal of of Atmospheric Chemistry 61 175-202 Détails   isbn
Bessagnet, B.; Seigneur, C.; Menut, L. Impact of dry deposition of semi-volatile organic compounds on secondary organic aerosols 2010 Atmospheric Environment 44 1781-1787 Détails   isbn
Best, M. J.,M. Pryor, D.B. Clark, G. Rooney, R.L.H. Essery, C. Menard, J. Edwards, M. Hendry, N. Gedney, L.M. Mercado, S. Sitch, E. Blyth, O. Boucher, P.M. Cox, C.S.B. Grimmond, and R.J. Harding, The Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES) model description. Part 1: Energy and water fluxes 2011 Geophysical Model 4 677-699 Détails   openurl
Betts, R., O. Boucher, M. Collins, P. M. Cox, P. Falloon, N. Gedney, D. L. Hemming, C. Huntingford, C. D. Jones, D. Sexton and M. Webb, Future runoff changes due to climate and plant responses to increasing carbon dioxide 2007 Nature 448 1037-1041 Détails   openurl
Bidel, LPR., Meyer, S., Goulas, Y., Cadot, Y., Cerovic, ZG Responses of epidermal phenolic compounds to light acclimation: In vivo qualitative and quantitative assessment using chlorophyll fluorescence excitation spectra in leaves of three woody species 2007 J. of Photochemistry and Photobiology B-Biology 88 163-179 Détails   doi
Bielli, S., Roca, R Scale decomposition of atmospheric water budget over West Africa during the monsoon 2006 from NCEP/GFS analyses 2010 Clim. Dyn. 35 - Détails   doi
Billebaud, F., Brillet, J., Lellouch, E., Fouchet, T., Encrenaz, T., Cottini, V., Ignatiev, N., Formisano, V., Giuranna, M., Maturilli, A., Forget, F Observations of CO in the atmosphere of Mars with PFS onboard Mars Express 2009 Planetary and Space Science 57 - Détails   doi
Boccara G., Hertzog A., Basdevant C., Vial F. Accuracy of NCEP/NCAR reanalyses and ECMWF analyses in the lower stratosphere over Antarctica in 2005 2008 J. Geophys. Res. D: Atmospheres 113 - Détails   doi
Boccara G., Hertzog A., Vincent R.A., Vial F. Estimation of gravity wave momentum flux and phase speeds from quasi-lagrangian stratospheric balloon flights. Part I: Theory and simulations 2008 J. Atmos. Sci. 65 3042-3055 Détails   doi
Boccara, G. Etude de la dynamique de la basse stratosphère polaire à l'aide des données Vorcore 2008 Détails   url
Boccara, G.; Hertzog, A.; Basdevant, C.; Vial, F. Accuracy of NCEP/NCAR reanalyses and ECMWF analyses in the lower stratosphere over Antarctica in 2005 2008 J. Geophys. Res. 113 Détails   doi
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