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Boucher, O., and G. Folberth, New Directions: Atmospheric methane removal as a way to mitigate climate change? 2010 Atmospheric Environment 44 3343-3345- Détails   doi
Boucher, O., and M. S. Reddy, Climate trade-off between black carbon and carbon dioxide emissions 2008 Energy Policy 36 193-200 Détails   doi
Boucher, O., E. J. Burke, M. Doutriaux-Boucher, P. R. Halloran, C. D. Jones, J. Lowe, M. A. Ringer, E. Robertson, and P. Wu, Reversibility in the Earth system in response to CO2 concentration changes 2012 Environmental Research Letters 7 - Détails   openurl
Boucher, O., J. Lowe, and C. D. Jones, Constraints of the carbon cycle on timescales of climate-engineering options 2009 Climatic Change 92 261-273- Détails   doi
Boucher, O., P. Friedlingstein, B. Collins, and K. Shine, Indirect GWP and GTP due to methane oxidation 2009 Environmental Research Letters 4 - Détails   doi
Bouchut F., B. Ribstein and V. Zeitlin Inertial, baroclinic and barotropic instabilities of the Bickley jet in two-layer rotating shallow water model 2011 Phys. Fluids 23 1-22 Détails   openurl
Bouchut, F., Lambaerts, J., Lapeyre, G., Zeitlin, V Fronts and nonlinear waves in a simplified shallow-water model of the atmosphere with moisture and convection 2009 Physics of Fluids 21 - Détails   doi
Bouchut, F., Scherer, E., Zeitlin, V Nonlinear adjustment of a front over escarpment 2008 Physics of Fluids 20 - Détails   doi
Bouchut, F., Zeitlin, V A robust well-balanced scheme for multi-layer shallow water equations 2010 Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-Series B 13 - Détails   doi
Boulanger, JP., Brasseur, G., Carril, AF., de Castro, M., Degallier, N., Ereno, C., Le Treut, H., Marengo, JA., Menendez, CG., Nunez, MN., Penalba, OC., Rolla, AL., Rusticucci, M., Terra, R A Europe-South America network for climate change assessment and impact studies 2010 Climatic Change 98 - Détails   doi
Bouniol, D., Protat, A., Delanoe, J., Pelon, J., Piriou, JM., Bouyssel, F., Tompkins, AM., Wilson, DR., Morille, Y., Haeffelin, M., O'Connor, EJ., Hogan, RJ., Illingworth, AJ., Donovan, DP., Baltink, HK Using Continuous Ground-Based Radar and Lidar Measurements for Evaluating the Representation of Clouds in Four Operational Models 2010 J. of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 49 - Détails   doi
Boynard, A.; Clerbaux, C; Coheur, PF; Hurtmans, D; Turquety, S; George, M; Hadji-Lazaro, J; Keim, C; Meyer-Arnek, J Measurements of total and tropospheric ozone from IASI: comparison with correlative satellite and ozonesonde observations 2009 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9 6255-6271 Détails   url
Brachet, S., Codron, F., Feliks, Y., Ghil, M., Le Treut, H., Simonnet, E Atmospheric Circulations Induced by a Mid latitude SST Front: A GCM Study 2012 J. of Climate 25 1847-1853 Détails   doi
Brachet, S., F. Codron, Y. Feliks, M. Ghil, H. Le Treut, and E. Simonnet Atmospheric circulations induced by a mid-latitude SST front: A GCM study 2011 J. Clim. 25 1847-1853- Détails   doi
Braconnot P., Hourdin F., Bony S., Dufresne J.L., Grandpeix J.Y., Marti O. Impact of different convective cloud schemes on the simulation of the tropical seasonal cycle in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model 2007 Clim. Dyn. 29 501-520 Détails   doi
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