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Yoshimatsu K., N. Okamoto, Y. Kawahara, K. Schneider and M. Farge Coherent vorticity and current density simulation of three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence using orthogonal wavelets 2012 Geo. Astro. Fluid Dyn. - Détails   openurl
Plougonven, R., A. Hertzog, and L. Guez Gravity waves above Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: consistent momentum fluxes in mesoscale simulations and stratospheric balloon observations 2012 Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. - Détails   openurl
Paul, M., F. Aires, and C. Prigent, An innovative physical scheme to retrieve simultaneously surface temperature and emissivities based on a high-resolution infrared emissivity interpolator 2012 J. Geophys. Res. 117 - Détails   doi
Hourdin F., M-A Foujols, F. Codron, V. Guemas, J-L Dufresne, S. Bony, S. Denvil, L.Guez, F. Lott, J. Ghattas, P. Braconnot, O. Marti, Y. Meurdesoif, L. Bopp Impact of the LMDZ atmospheric grid configuration on the climate and sensitivity of the IPSL-CM5A coupled model 2012 Clim. Dyn. - Détails   doi
Hourdin F., J-Y Grandpeix, C. Rio, S. Bony, A. Jam, F. Cheruy, N. Rochetin, L. Fairhead, A. Idelkadi, I. Musat, J-L Dufresne, M-P. Lefebvre, A. Lahellec, R. Roehrig LMDZ5B: the atmospheric component of the IPSL climate model with revisited parameterizations for clouds and convection 2012 - Détails   doi
Hertzog, A., M. J. Alexander and R. Plougonven On the intermittency of gravity-wave momentum flux in the stratosphere 2012 J. Atmos. Sci. - Détails   openurl
Guimberteau M., Perrier A., Laval K., Polcher J. A comprehensive approach to analyze discrepancies between land surface models and in-situ measurements: a case study over US and Illinois with SECHIBA forced by NLDAS 2012 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences - Détails   doi
Garnier A., J. Pelon, P. Dubuisson, M . Faivre, O. Chomette, N. Pascal and D.P. Kratz Retrieval of cloud properties using Calipso Imaging Infrared Radiometer 2012 J. Appl. Meteor. Clim. - Détails   openurl
Funatsu B.M., Dubreuil V., Claud C., Arvor D., Gan M.A Convective activity in Mato Grosso State (Brazil) from microwave satellite observations: Comparisons between AMSU and TRMM datasets 2012 J. Geophys. Research - Détails   openurl
Fuchs M, Kreutzer S, Rousseau DD, Antoine A, Hatte C, Lagroix F, Moine O, Gauthier C, Svoboda J &Lisá The loess sequence of Dolní V?stonice, Czech Republic: A new OSL based chronology of the Last Climatic Cycle 2012 Boreas - Détails   openurl
Ferraro, R., C. Peters-Lidard, C. Hernandez, F.J. Turk, F. Aires, C. Prigent, W. Lon, S-A. Boukabara, F. Furuzawa, K.Gopalan, K. Harrison, F. Karbou, L. Li, C. Liu, H. Masunaga, L. Moy, S.Ringerud, G. Skofronick-Jackson, Y. Tian, N-Y. Wang An evaluation of microwave land surface emissivities over the continental United States to benefit GPM-era precipitation algorithms 2012 IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing - Détails   openurl
Cheruy F. A. Campoy, J-C Dupont, A. Ducharne, F. Hourdin, M. Haeffelin, M.Chiriaco, A. Idelkadi Combined influence of atmospheric physics and soil hydrology on the simulated meteorology at the SIRTA observatory 2012 Clim. Dyn. - Détails   doi
Chaboureau J.-P., Nuissier O., Claud C. Verification of ensemble forecasts of Mediterranean high-impact weather events against satellite observations 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci - Détails   openurl
Rio C., J.-Y. Grandpeix, F. Hourdin, F. Guichard, F. Couvreux, J.-P. Lafore, A. Fridlind, A. Mrowiec, R. Roehrig, N. Rochetin, M.-P. Lefebvre, A. Idelkadi Control of deep convection by sub-cloud lifting processes: the ALP closure in the LMDZ5B general circulation model 2012 Clim. Dyn. - Détails   doi
Boucher, O. L'ingenierie climatique : solution d'avenir ou fuite en avant au problème du réchauffement climatique ? 2012 La Meteorologie - Détails   openurl
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