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Zyryanov D., G. Foret, M. Eremenko, M. Beekmann, J-P Cammas, M.D'Isidoro, H. Elbern, J. Flemming, E. Friese, I. Kioutsioutkis, A. Maurizi, D.Melas, F. Meleux, L. Menut, P. Moinat, V-H Peuch, A. Poupkou, M. Razinger, M. Schultz, O. Stein, A. M. Suttie, A. Valdebenito, C. Zerefos, G. Dufour, G. Bergametti and J-M. Flaud 3D evaluation of tropospheric ozone simulations by an ensemble of regional Chemistry Transport Model 2012 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12 3219-3240 Détails   openurl
Yiou P., T.Salameh, P.Drobinski, L.Menut, R.Vautard and M.Vrac Ensemble reconstruction of the atmospheric column from the surface pressure using analogues 2013 Climate Dynamics 41 1333-1344 Détails   doi
Yiou P., M. Boichu, R. Vautard, M. Vrac, S. Jourdain, E. Garnier, F. Fluteau, and L. Menut Ensemble meteorological reconstruction using circulation analogues of 1781-1785 2014 10 797-809 Détails   doi
Wilson R. C., Z. L. Fleming, P. S. Monks, G. Clain, S. Henne, I. B. Konovalov, S. Szopa, L. Menut Have primary emission reduction measures reduced ozone across Europe? An analysis of European rural background ozone trends 1996-2005 2012 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12 437-454 Détails   pdf isbn
Werner, C.; Flamant, P.H.; Reitebuch, O.; Kopp, F.; Streicher, J.; Rahm, S.; Nagel, E.; Klier, M.; Herrmann, H.; Loth, C.; Delville, P.; Drobinski, P.; Romand, B.; Boitel, C.; Oh, D.; Lopez, M.; Meissonnier, M.; Bruneau, D.; Dabas, A. Wind infrared Doppler lidar instrument 2001 Optical Engineering 40 115-125 Détails   isbn
Vuolo, M.R.; Menut, L.; Chepfer, H. Impact of transport schemes accuracy on modelled dust concentrations variability 2009 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 26 1135-1143 Détails   isbn
Vuolo, M.R.; Chepfer, H.; Menut, L.; Cezana, G. Comparison of mineral dust layers vertical structures modelled with CHIMERE-DUST and observed with the CALIOP lidar 2009 Journal of Geophysical Research, Atmospheres 114 09214 Détails   isbn
Vrac, M.; Naveau, P.; Drobinski, P. Modeling pairwise dependencies in precipitation intensities 2007 Nonlinear Processes In Geophysics 14 789-797 Détails   isbn
Vrac M., Drobinski P., Merlo A., Herrmann M., Lavaysse C., Li L., Somot S., Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling of the French Mediterranean Climate: Uncertainty Assessment 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 2769-2784 Détails   openurl
Vivanco, M.G.; Palomino, I.; Vautard, R.; Bessagnet, B.; Martin, F.; Menut, L.; Jimenez, S. Multi-year assessment of photochemical air quality simulation over Spain 2008 Env. Mod. and Software Détails   isbn
Vincent, R.A.; Hertzog, A.; Boccara, G.; Vial, F. Quasi-Lagrangian superpressure balloon measurements of gravity-wave momentum fluxes in the polar stratosphere of both hemispheres 2007 Geophys. Res. Lett. 34 Détails   doi
Vial, F.; Hertzog, A.; Mechoso, C.R.; Basdevant, C.; Cocquerez, P.; Dubourg, V.; Nouel, F. A study of the dynamics of the equatorial lower stratosphere by use of ultra-long-duration balloons, 1. Planetary scales 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 22725-22743 Détails   isbn
Vautard, R.; Szopa, S.; Beekmann, M.; Menut, L.; Hauglustaine, D.A.; Rouil, L.; Roemer, M. Are decadal anthropogenic emission reductions in Europe consistent with surface ozone observations? 2006 Geophysical Research Letters 33 13810 Détails   isbn
Vautard, R.; Menut, L.; Beekmann, M.; Chazette, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Gombert, D.; Guedalia, D.; Kley, D.; Lefebvre, M.P.; Martin, D.; Megie, G.; Perros, P.; Toupance, G. A synthesis of the ESQUIF field campaign 2003 J. of Geophys. Res. 108 Détails   isbn
Vautard, R.; Martin, D.; Beekmann, M.; Drobinski, P.; Friedrich, R.; Jaubertie, A.; Kley, D.; Lattuati, M.; Moral, P.; Neininger, B.; Theloke, J. Paris emission inventory diagnostics from ESQUIF airborne measurements and a chemistry transport model 2003 Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 108 Détails   doi
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