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Champollion, C; Drobinski, P; Haeffelin, M; Bock, O; Tarniewicz, J; Bouin, MN; Vautard, R Water vapour variability induced by urban/rural heterogeneities during convective conditions 2009 Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 135 1226-1276 Détails   isbn
Chepfer H.; Goloub P.; Sauvage L.; Flamant P.H.; Brogniez G.; Spinhirne J.; Lavorato M.; Sugimoto N.; Pelon J. Validation of POLDER/ADEOS Data using a Ground-based Lidar Network: Preliminary Results for Cirrus Clouds 1999 Phys. Chem. Earth 24 203-206 Détails   doi
Chepfer, H.; Brogniez, G.; Fouquart, Y. Cirrus clouds microphysical properties deduced from POLDER observations 1998 J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Trans. 60 375-390 Détails   pdf isbn
Chepfer, H.; Brogniez, G.; Goloub, P.; Breon, F.-M.; Flamant, P. H. Cirrus cloud ice crystals horizontally oriented in space observed with POLDER/ADEOS 1999 J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Trans. 63 521-543 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Brogniez, G.; Sauvage, L.; Flamant, P.H.; Trouillet, V.; Pelon, J. Remote Sensing of Cirrus Radiative Parameters during EUCREX94. Case Study of 17 April 1994. Part II: Microphysical Models 1999 Mon. Wea. Rev. 127 504-519 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Cesana, G.; Winker, D.; Getzewich, B.; Vaughan, M. Comparison of two different cloud climatologies derived from CALIOP Level 1 observations: the CALIPSO-ST and the CALIPSO-GOCCP 2012 J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech. in press Détails   openurl
Chepfer, H.; Chiriaco, M.; Vautard, R.; Spinhirne, J. Evaluation of the ability of MM5 meso-scale model to reproduce optically thin clouds over Europe in fall using ICE/SAT lidar spaceborne observations 2007 Mon. Wea. Rev. 135 2737-2753 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Riedi, J.; de Haan, J.; Hovenier, J.; Flamant, P. H. Ice crystal shapes in cirrus clouds derived from POLDER-1/ADEOS-1 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 7955-7966 Détails   pdf isbn
Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Spinhirne, J.; Flamant, P. H.; Lavorato, M.; Sauvage, L.; Brogniez, G.; Pelon, J. Cirrus cloud properties derived from POLDER-1/ADEOS-1 polarized radiances: First validation using a ground-based lidar network 2000 J. Appl. Met. 39 154-168 Détails   doi
Chepfer, H.; Minnis, P.; Young, D.; Nguyen, L.; Arduini, R. F. Retrieval of cirrus cloud ice crystal shapes using visible reflectances from dual-satellite measurements 2002 J. Geophys. Res. 107 4730 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Pelon, J.; Brogniez, G.; Flamant, C.; Trouillet, V.; Flamant, P. H. Impact of cirrus cloud ice crystal shape and size on multiple scattering effects: application to spaceborne and airborne backscatter lidar measurements during LITE mission and E LITE campaign 1999 Geophys. Res. Let. 26 2203-2206 Détails   pdf isbn
Chepfer, H; Bony, S; Winker, D; Chiriaco, M; Dufresne, JL; Seze, G Use of CALIPSO lidar observations to evaluate the cloudiness simulated by a climate model 2008 Geophys. Res. Let. accepted Détails   isbn
Chepfer, H; Bony, S; Winker, DM; Cesana, G; Dufresne, JL; Minnis, P; Stubenrauch, C; Zeng, S. The GCM Oriented Calipso Cloud Product (CALIPSO-GOCCP) 2010 J. Geophys. Res. 115 D00H16 Détails   doi
Chepfer, H; Noel, V A Tropical “NAT-like” belt observed from space 2009 Geophys. Res. Let. 36 L03813 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H; Noel, V; Minnis, P; Baumgardner, D; Nguyen, L; Raga, G; McGill, M; Yang, P Particle Habit in Tropical Ice Clouds During CRYSTAL-FACE: Comparison of two Remote Sensing Techniques with In Situ Observations 2005 J. Geophys. Res. 110 D16204 Détails   pdf isbn
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