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Bernardin, F.; Bossy, M.; Chauvin, C.; Drobinski, P.; Rousseau, A.; Salameh, T. Stochastic downscaling method: application to wind refinement 2009 Stochastic Environmental Research And Risk Assessment 23 851-859 Détails   doi
Yiou P., M. Boichu, R. Vautard, M. Vrac, S. Jourdain, E. Garnier, F. Fluteau, and L. Menut Ensemble meteorological reconstruction using circulation analogues of 1781-1785 2014 10 797-809 Détails   doi
Vrac, M.; Naveau, P.; Drobinski, P. Modeling pairwise dependencies in precipitation intensities 2007 Nonlinear Processes In Geophysics 14 789-797 Détails   isbn
Claud C., Alhammoud B., Funatsu B.M., Lebeaupin-Brossier C., Chaboureau J.P., Beranger K., Drobinski P A High Resolution Climatology of Precipitation and Deep Convection over the Mediterranean Region from Operational Satellite Microwave Data: Development and Application to the Evaluation of Model Uncertainties 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 785-798 Détails   openurl
Haeffelin, M.; Bergot, T.; Elias, T.; Tardif, R.; Carrer, D.; Chazette, P.; Colomb, M.; Drobinski, P.; Dupont, E.; Dupont, J.-C.; Gomes, L.; Musson-Genon, L.; Pietras, C.; Plana-Fattori, A.; Protat, A.; Rangognio, J.; Raut, J.-C.; Remy, S.; Richard, D.; Sciare, J.; Zhang, X. PARISFOG Shedding New Light on Fog Physical Processes 2010 Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society 91 767 Détails   doi
Guenard, V.; Drobinski, P.; Caccia, J.L.; Tedeschi, G.; Currier, P. Dynamics of the MAP IOP 15 severe Mistral event: Observations and high-resolution numerical simulations 2006 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 132 757-777 Détails   doi
Drobinski, P.; Haeberli, C.; Richard, E.; Lothon, M.; Dabas, A.M.; Flamant, P.H.; Furger, M.; Steinacker, R. Scale interaction processes during the MAP IOP 12 south fohn event in the Rhine Valley 2003 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 129 729-753 Détails   doi
Reitebuch, O.; Volkert, H.; Werner, C.; Dabas, A.; Delville, P.; Drobinski, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Richard, E. Determination of airflow across the Alpine ridge by a combination of airborne Doppler lidar, routine radiosounding and numerical simulation 2003 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 129 715-727 Détails   doi
Vautard, R.; Beekmann, M.; Menut, L. Applications of adjoint modelling in atmospheric chemistry: sensitivity and inverse modelling 2000 Environmental Modelling and Software 15 703-709 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Carlotti, P.; Newson, R.K.; Banta, R.M.; Foster, R.C.; Redelsperger, J.L. The structure of the near-neutral atmospheric surface layer 2004 Journal Of The Atmospheric Sciences 61 699-714 Détails   isbn
Noel, V; Sassen, K Study of Planar Ice Crystal Orientations in Ice Clouds from Scanning Polarization Lidar Observations 2005 J. Appl. Met. 44 653-664 Détails   isbn
Lavaysse C., Vrac M., Drobinski P., Vischel T., Lengaigne M. Statistical Downscaling of the French Mediterranean Climate: Assessment for Present and Projection in an Anthropogenic Scenario 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 651-670 Détails   openurl
Crétat J., Pohl B., Richard Y., Drobinski P Uncertainties in Simulating Regional Climate of Southern Africa: Sensitivity to Physical Parameterizations using WRF 2012 Climate Dynamics 38 613-634 Détails   openurl
Hertzog, A.; Basdevant, C.; Vial, F.; Mechoso, C.R. The accuracy of stratospheric analyses in the northern hemisphere inferred from long-duration balloon flights 2004 Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. 130 607-626 Détails   isbn
Turquety, S., L., Menut, B., Bessagnet, A., Anav, N., Viovy, F.Maignan and M.Wooster APIFLAME v1.0: High resolution fire emission model and application to the Euro-Mediterranean region 2014 7 587-612 Détails   openurl
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