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Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Spinhirne, J.; Flamant, P. H.; Lavorato, M.; Sauvage, L.; Brogniez, G.; Pelon, J. Cirrus cloud properties derived from POLDER-1/ADEOS-1 polarized radiances: First validation using a ground-based lidar network 2000 J. Appl. Met. 39 154-168 Détails   doi
Chiriaco, M.; Chepfer, H.; Minnis, P.; Haeffelin, M.; Platnick, S.; Baumgardner, D.; Dubuisson, P.; McGill, M.; Noel, V.; Pelon, J.; Spangenberg, D.; Sun-Mack, S.; Wind, G. Comparison of CALIPSO-like, LARC and MODIS retrievals of ice cloud properties over SIRTA in France and Florida during CRYSTAL-FACE 2007 J. Appl. Met. Clim. 43 249-272 Détails   pdf isbn
Chiriaco, M.; Chepfer, H.; Noel, V.; Haeffelin, M.; Delaval, A.; Drobinski, P. Dual lidar observations at 10.6µm and 532nm for retrieving semi-transparent cirrus cloud properties 2006 J. Appl. Met. Clim. 45 537-555 Détails   isbn
Chepfer, H.; Cesana, G.; Winker, D.; Getzewich, B.; Vaughan, M. Comparison of two different cloud climatologies derived from CALIOP Level 1 observations: the CALIPSO-ST and the CALIPSO-GOCCP 2012 J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech. in press Détails   openurl
Hertzog, A.; Cocquerez, P.; Basdevant, C.; Boccara, G.; Bordereau, J.; Brioit, B.; Cardonne, A.; Guilbon, R.; Ravissot, A.; Schmitt, E.; Valdivia, J.N.; Venel, S.; Vial, F. Stratéole-Vorcoreľ-Long-duration, superpressure balloons to study the Antarctic lower stratosphere during the 2005 winter 2007 J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. 25 Détails   isbn
Noel, V.; Chepfer, H.; Haeffelin, M.; Morille, Y. Classification of ice crystal shapes in midlatitude ice clouds from three years of lidar observations over the SIRTA observatory 2006 J. Atmos. Sci. 63 2978-2991 Détails   pdf doi
Noel, V; Chepfer, H Study of Ice Crystal Orientation in Cirrus Clouds Based on Satellite Polarized Radiance Measurements 2004 J. Atmos. Sci. 61 2073-2081 Détails   pdf isbn
Gayet, J.F.; Febvre, G.; Brogniez, G.; Chepfer, H.; Renger, W.; Wendling, P. Microphysical and Optical Properties of Cirrus and Contrails: Cloud Field Study on 13 October 1989 1996 J. Atmos. Sci. 53 126-138 Détails   pdf doi
Hamilton, K.; Hertzog, A.; Vial, F.; Stenchikov, G. Longitudinal variation of the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation 2004 J. Atmos. Sci. 61 383-402 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Boccara, G.; Vincent, R.A.; Vial, F. Estimation of gravity-wave momentum fluxes and phase speeds from quasi-Lagrangian stratospheric balloon flights. 2: Results from the Vorcore campaign in Antarctica 2008 J. Atmos. Sci. 65 3056-3070 Détails   isbn
Dubos, T.; Babiano, A. Cascades in two-dimensional mixing : a physical space approach 2002 J. Fluid Mech. 467 81-100 Détails   doi
Babiano, A.; Dubos, T. On the contribution of coherent vortices to the 2D inverse energy cascade 2005 J. Fluid Mech. 529 97-116 Détails   doi
Dubos, T.; Babiano, A. Comparing the two-dimensional cascades of vorticity and a passive scalar 2003 J. Fluid. Mech 492 131-145 Détails   doi
Hodzic, A; Chepfer, H; Vautard, R; Chazette, P; Beekmann, M; Bessagnet, B; Chatenet B; Cuesta, J; Drobinski, P; Goloub, P; Haeffelin, M; Morille, Y Comparison of aerosol chemistry-transport model simulations with lidar and sun-photometer observations at a site near Paris 2004 J. Geophys. Res. 109 D23201 Détails   pdf doi
Noel, V.; Haeffelin, M. Midlatitude Cirrus Clouds and Multiple Tropopauses from a 2002-2006 Climatology over the SIRTA Observatory 2007 J. Geophys. Res. 112 D13206 Détails   pdf doi
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