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Drobinski, P.; Redelsperger, J.-L.; Pietras, C. Evaluation of a planetary boundary layer subgrid-scale model that accounts for near-surface turbulence anisotropy 2006 Geophysical Research Letters 33 Détails   doi
Mathieu, A.; Piriou, J.-M.; Haeffelin, M.; Drobinski, P.; Vinit, F.; Bouyssel, F. Identification of error sources in convective planetary boundary layer cloud forecasts using SIRTA observations 2006 Geophysical Research Letters 33 Détails   doi
Bastin, S.; Champollion, D.; Bock, O.; Drobinski, P.; Masson, F. On the use of GPS tomography to investigate water vapor variability during a Mistral/sea breeze event in southeastern France 2005 Geophysical Research Letters 32 Détails   doi
Drobinski, P.; Sultan, B.; Janicot, S. Role of the Hoggar massif in the West African monsoon onset 2005 Geophysical Research Letters 32 Détails   doi
Dabas, A.; Drobinski, P.; Reitebuch, O.; Richard, E.; Delville, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Werner, C. Multi-scale analysis of a straight jet streak using numerical analyses and an airborne Doppler lidar 2003 Geophysical Research Letters 30 Détails   doi
Valari, M., L. Martinelli, E. Chatignoux, J. Crooks, and V. Garcia Time scale effects in acute association between air-pollution and mortality 2011 Geophysical Research Letters 38 Détails   openurl
N. Elguindi, H. Clark, C. Ordóñez, V. Thouret, J. Flemming, O. Stein, V. Huijnen, P. Moinat, A. Inness, V.-H. Peuch, A. Stohl, S. Turquety, G. Athier, J.-P. Cammas, and M. Schultz Current status of the ability of the GEMS/MACC models to reproduce the tropospheric CO vertical distribution as measured by MOZAIC 2010 Geoscientific Model Development 3 501-518 Détails   isbn
Stromatas S., S. Turquety, L. Menut, H. Chepfer, G. Cesana, J.-C. Pere, and B. Bessagnet Lidar Signal Simulation for the Evaluation of Aerosols in Chemistry-Transport Models 2012 Geoscientific Model Development 5 1543-1564 Détails   openurl
Menut, L, B.Bessagnet, D.Khvorostyanov, M.Beekmann, N.Blond, A.Colette, I.Coll, G.Curci, G.Foret, A.Hodzic, S.Mailler, F.Meleux, J.L.Monge, I.Pison, G.Siour, S.Turquety, M.Valari, R.Vautard and M.G.Vivanco CHIMERE 2013: a model for regional atmospheric composition modelling 2013 Geoscientific Model Development 6 981-1028 Détails   doi
Anav A., L.Menut, D.Khvorostiyanov and N.Viovy Impact of tropospheric ozone on the Euro-Mediterranean vegetation 2011 Global Change Biology 17 Détails   pdf doi
Martin, E.; Ducrocq, V.; Joly, A.; Joly, B.; Nuissier, O.; Quintana-Segui, P.; Ricard, D.; Sevault, F.; Somot, S.; Drobinski, P. The Mediterranean area: from Cyprim to Hymex 2007 Houille Blanche-Revue Internationale De L Eau 90-96 Détails   isbn
Noel, V.; Hu, Y.; Chiriaco, M. Synergies of CALIOP with Aqua-Train measurements 2003 IEEE International 3 1523 - 1525 Détails   url
Oh, D.; Drobinski, P.; Salamitou, P.; Flamant, P.H. Optimal local oscillator power for CMT photo-voltaic detector in heterodyne mode 1996 Infrared Physics & Technology 37 325-333 Détails   isbn
Noel, V; Sassen, K Study of Planar Ice Crystal Orientations in Ice Clouds from Scanning Polarization Lidar Observations 2005 J. Appl. Met. 44 653-664 Détails   isbn
Keckhut, P; Borchi, F; Bekki, S; Hauchecorne, A; SiLaouina, M Cirrus Classification at Midlatitude From Systematic Lidar Observations 2006 J. Appl. Met. 45 249-258 Détails   isbn
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