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Szantai, A.; Drobinski, P.; Desalmand, F. Dynamics of solitary waves observed over the North Indian Ocean during the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) 1999 2011 Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 116 Détails   doi
Guenard, V.; Drobinski, P.; Caccia, J.L.; Tedeschi, G.; Currier, P. Dynamics of the MAP IOP 15 severe Mistral event: Observations and high-resolution numerical simulations 2006 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 132 757-777 Détails   doi
Guerit, G.; Drobinski, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Cariou, J.P. Effectiveness of simultaneous independent realizations at low carrier-to-noise ratio to improve heterodyne Doppler lidar performance. I. Theory and numerical simulations 2002 Applied Optics 41 2232-2239 Détails   isbn
Guerit, G.; Drobinski, P.; Augere, M.; Flamant, P.H. Effectiveness of simultaneous independent realizations at low carrier-to-noise ratio to improve heterodyne Doppler lidar performance. II. Experimental results 2002 Applied Optics 41 7510-7515 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Souprayen, C.; Hauchecorne, A. Eikonal simulations for the formation and the maintenance of atmospheric gravity wave spectra 2002 J. Geophys. Res. 107 4145-10 Détails   isbn
Dubos, T.; Barthlott, C.; Drobinski, P. Emergence and Secondary Instability of Ekman Layer Rolls 2008 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 65 2326-2342 Détails   doi
Yiou P., M. Boichu, R. Vautard, M. Vrac, S. Jourdain, E. Garnier, F. Fluteau, and L. Menut Ensemble meteorological reconstruction using circulation analogues of 1781-1785 2014 10 797-809 Détails   doi
Yiou P., T.Salameh, P.Drobinski, L.Menut, R.Vautard and M.Vrac Ensemble reconstruction of the atmospheric column from the surface pressure using analogues 2013 Climate Dynamics 41 1333-1344 Détails   doi
Hertzog, A.; Boccara, G.; Vincent, R.A.; Vial, F. Estimation of gravity-wave momentum fluxes and phase speeds from quasi-Lagrangian stratospheric balloon flights. 2: Results from the Vorcore campaign in Antarctica 2008 J. Atmos. Sci. 65 3056-3070 Détails   isbn
Jacob D., J.Petersen, B.Eggert, A.Alias, O.B.Christensen, L.M.Bouwer, A.Braun, A.Colette, M.Deque, G.Georgievski, E.Georgopoulou, A.Gobiet, L.Menut, G.Nikulin, A.Haensler, N.Hempelmann, C.Jones, K.Keuler, S.Kovats, N.Kroner, S.Kotlarski, A.Kriegsmann, E.Martin, E. van Meijgaard, C.Moseley, S.Pfeifer, S.Preuschmann, C.Radermacher, K.Radtke, D.Rechid, M.Rounsevell, P.Samuelsson, S.Somot, J.-F.Soussana, C.Teichmann, R.Valentini, R.Vautard, B.Weber, P.Yiou EURO-CORDEX: New high-resolution climate change projections for European impact research 2014 Regional Environmental Change 14 563-578 Détails   doi
Colette, A., B.Bessagnet, R.Vautard, S.Szopa, S.Rao, S.Schucht, Z.Klimont, L.Menut, G.Clain, F.Meleux, L.Rouil European atmosphere in 2050, a regional air quality and climate perspective under CMIP5 scenarios 2013 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 13 7451-7471 Détails   url
Drobinski, P.; Redelsperger, J.-L.; Pietras, C. Evaluation of a planetary boundary layer subgrid-scale model that accounts for near-surface turbulence anisotropy 2006 Geophysical Research Letters 33 Détails   doi
Christensen, T.; Knudsen, B.M.; Pommereau, J.P.; Letrenne, G.; Hertzog, A.; Vial, F.; Ovarlez, J.; Piot, M. Evaluation of ECMWF ERA-40 temperature and wind in the lower tropical stratosphere since 1988 from past long-duration balloon measurements 2007 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 7 3399-3409 Détails   isbn
Menut L.; Tripathi, O.P.;Colette, A;Vautard, R; Flaounas, E;, Bessagnet, B Evaluation of regional climate simulations for air quality modelling purposes 2013 Climate Dynamics 40 2515-2533 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Chiriaco, M.; Vautard, R.; Spinhirne, J. Evaluation of the ability of MM5 meso-scale model to reproduce optically thin clouds over Europe in fall using ICE/SAT lidar spaceborne observations 2007 Mon. Wea. Rev. 135 2737-2753 Détails   pdf doi
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