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Hertzog, A.; Basdevant, C.; Vial, F.; Mechoso, C.R. The accuracy of stratospheric analyses in the northern hemisphere inferred from long-duration balloon flights 2004 Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. 130 607-626 Détails   isbn
Reitebuch, O.; Volkert, H.; Werner, C.; Dabas, A.; Delville, P.; Drobinski, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Richard, E. Determination of airflow across the Alpine ridge by a combination of airborne Doppler lidar, routine radiosounding and numerical simulation 2003 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 129 715-727 Détails   doi
Drobinski, P.; Haeberli, C.; Richard, E.; Lothon, M.; Dabas, A.M.; Flamant, P.H.; Furger, M.; Steinacker, R. Scale interaction processes during the MAP IOP 12 south fohn event in the Rhine Valley 2003 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 129 729-753 Détails   doi
Flamant, C.; Drobinski, P.; Nance, L.; Banta, R.; Darby, L.; Dusek, J.; Hardesty, M.; Pelon, J.; Richard, E. Gap flow in an Alpine valley during a shallow south fohn event: Observations, numerical simulations and hydraulic analogue 2002 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 128 1173-1210 Détails   isbn
Sauvage, L.; Flamant, P.H.; Chepfer, H.; Brogniez, G.; Trouillet, V.; Pelon, J.; Albers, F. Remote Sensing of Cirrus Radiative Parameters during EUCREX94. Case Study of 17 April 1994. Part I: Observations 1999 Monthly Weather Review 127 486-503 Détails   pdf doi
Chepfer, H.; Brogniez, G.; Sauvage, L.; Flamant, P.H.; Trouillet, V.; Pelon, J. Remote Sensing of Cirrus Radiative Parameters during EUCREX94. Case Study of 17 April 1994. Part II: Microphysical Models 1999 Mon. Wea. Rev. 127 504-519 Détails   pdf doi
Barthlott, C.; Drobinski, P.; Fesquet, C.; Dubos, T.; Pietras, C. Long-term study of coherent structures in the atmospheric surface layer 2007 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 125 1-24 Détails   doi
Landi T.C., Curci G., Carbone C., Menut L., Bessagnet B., Giulianelli L., Paglione M., Facchini M.C. Simulation of size-segregated aerosols chemical composition over northern Italy 2013 Atmospheric Research 125 1-11 Détails   openurl
Courault, D.; Drobinski, P.; Brunet, Y.; Lacarrere, P.; Talbot, C. Impact of surface heterogeneity on a buoyancy-driven convective boundary layer in light winds 2007 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 124 383-403 Détails   doi
Foster, R.C.; Vianey, F.; Drobinski, P.; Carlotti, P. Near-surface coherent structures and the vertical momentum flux in a large-eddy simulation of the neutrally-stratified boundary layer 2006 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 120 229-255 Détails   doi
Lemonsu, A.; Bastin, S.; Masson, V.; Drobinski, P. Vertical structure of the urban boundary layer over Marseille under sea-breeze conditions 2006 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 118 477-501 Détails   doi
Menut L., C.Perez Garcia-Pando, K.Haustein, B.Bessagnet, C.Prigent and S.Alfaro Relative impact of roughness and soil texture on mineral dust emission fluxes modeling 2013 Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres 118 6505-6520 Détails   doi
Tuccella P., G.Curci, G.Visconti, B.Bessagnet, L.Menut and R.Park Modelling of gas and aerosol with WRF/Chem over Europe: evaluation against one year of ground-based measurements 2012 Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere 117 Détails   pdf isbn
Noel, V.; Pitts, M. Gravity wave events from mesoscale simulations, compared to polar stratospheric clouds observed from spaceborne lidar over the Antarctic Peninsula 2012 J. Geophys. Res. 117 D11207 Détails   pdf doi
Anav A., L. Menut, D. Khvorostyanov, N. Viovy Comparison of two canopy conductance parameterizations to quantify the interactions between surface ozone and vegetation over Europe 2012 Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences 117 Détails   doi
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