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Keckhut, P; Borchi, F; Bekki, S; Hauchecorne, A; SiLaouina, M Cirrus Classification at Midlatitude From Systematic Lidar Observations 2006 J. Appl. Met. 45 249-258
Forêt, G.; Bergametti, G.; Dulac, F.; Menut, L. An optimized particle size bin scheme for modeling mineral dust aerosol 2006 J. Geophys. Res. 111 17310
Richner, H.; Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Benech, B.; Berger, H.; Chimani, B.; Dorninger, M.; Drobinski, P.; Furger, M.; Gubser, S.; Gutermann, T.; Haberli, C.; Haller, E.; Lothon, M.; Mitev, V.; Ruffieux, D.; Seiz, G.; Steinacker, R.; Tschannett, S.; Vogt, S.; Werner, R. Unstationary aspects of foehn in a large valley part I: operational setup, scientific objectives and analysis of the cases during the special observing period of the MAP subprogramme FORM 2006 Meteorology And Atmospheric Physics 92 255-284
Drobinski, P.; Bastin, S.; Dusek, J.; Zangl, G.; Flamant, P.H. Flow splitting at the bifurcation between two valleys: idealized simulations in comparison with Mesoscale Alpine Programme observations 2006 Meteorology And Atmospheric Physics 92 285-306
Chiriaco, M; Vautard, R; Chepfer, H; Haeffelin, M; Dudhia, J; Wenherdrick, Y; Morille, Y; Protat, A The Ability of MM5 to simulate Ice Clouds: Systematic Comparison between Simulated and Measured Fluxes and Lidar/Radar Profiles at the SIRTA Atmospheric Observatory 2006 Mon. Wea. Rev. 134 897-919
Hertzog, A.; Basdevant, C.; Vial, F. An assessment of ECMWF and NCEP-NCAR reanalyses in the Southern Hemisphere at the end of the pre-satellite era: results from the EOLE experiment (1971-72) 2006 Mon. Wea. Rev. 134 3367-3383
Bastin, S.; Drobinski, P.; Guenard, V.; Caccia, J.L.; Campistron, B.; Dabas, A.M.; Delville, P.; Reitebuch, O.; Werner, C. On interaction between sea breeze and summer mistral at the exit of the Rhone Valley 2006 Monthly Weather Review 134 1647-1668
Flamant, C.; Drobinski, P.; Furger, M.; Chimani, B.; Tschannett, S.; Steinacker, R.; Protat, A.; Richner, H.; Gubser, S.; Haeberli, C. Fohn/cold-pool interactions in the Rhine valley during MAP IOP 15 2006 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 132 3035-3058
Guenard, V.; Drobinski, P.; Caccia, J.L.; Tedeschi, G.; Currier, P. Dynamics of the MAP IOP 15 severe Mistral event: Observations and high-resolution numerical simulations 2006 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 132 757-777
Bastin, S.; Drobinski, P. Sea-breeze-induced mass transport over complex terrain in south-eastern France: A case-study 2006 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 132 405-423
Hodzic, A.; Vautard, R.; Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Menut, L.; Chazette, P.; Deuze, J.L.; Apituley, A.; Couvert, P. Evolution of aerosol optical thickness over Europe during the August 2003 heat wave as seen from CHIMERE model simulations and POLDER data 2006 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 6 1853-1864
Hodzic, A.; Vautard, R.; Chazette, P.; Menut, L.; Bessagnet, B. Aerosol chemical and optical proprties over the Paris area within ESQUIF project 2006 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 6 3257-3280
Chiriaco, M.; Chepfer, H.; Noel, V.; Haeffelin, M.; Delaval, A.; Drobinski, P. Dual lidar observations at 10.6µm and 532nm for retrieving semi-transparent cirrus cloud properties 2006 J. Appl. Met. Clim. 45 537-555
Noel, V.; Chepfer, H.; Haeffelin, M.; Morille, Y. Classification of ice crystal shapes in midlatitude ice clouds from three years of lidar observations over the SIRTA observatory 2006 J. Atmos. Sci. 63 2978-2991
Perret, G.; Stegner, A.; Dubos, T.; Chomaz, J.M.; Farge, M. Stability of parallel wake flows in quasigeostrophic and frontal regimes 2006 Phys. Fluids 18 126602