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Anav A., L. Menut, D. Khvorostyanov, N. Viovy Comparison of two canopy conductance parameterizations to quantify the interactions between surface ozone and vegetation over Europe 2012 Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences 117
Tuccella P., G.Curci, G.Visconti, B.Bessagnet, L.Menut and R.Park Modelling of gas and aerosol with WRF/Chem over Europe: evaluation against one year of ground-based measurements 2012 Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere 117
Vrac M., Drobinski P., Merlo A., Herrmann M., Lavaysse C., Li L., Somot S., Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling of the French Mediterranean Climate: Uncertainty Assessment 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 2769-2784
Lavaysse C., Vrac M., Drobinski P., Vischel T., Lengaigne M. Statistical Downscaling of the French Mediterranean Climate: Assessment for Present and Projection in an Anthropogenic Scenario 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 651-670
Claud C., Alhammoud B., Funatsu B.M., Lebeaupin-Brossier C., Chaboureau J.P., Beranger K., Drobinski P A High Resolution Climatology of Precipitation and Deep Convection over the Mediterranean Region from Operational Satellite Microwave Data: Development and Application to the Evaluation of Model Uncertainties 2012 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12 785-798
Lebeaupin Brossier C., Béranger K., Drobinski P. Ocean Response to Strong Precipitation Events in the Gulf of Lions (North-Western Mediterranean Sea): A Sensitivity Study 2012 Ocean Dynamics 62 213-226
Lebeaupin Brossier C., Béranger K., Drobinski P. Sensitivity of the North-Western Mediterranean Coastal and Thermohaline Circulations as Simulated by the 1/12° Resolution Oceanic Model NEMO-MED12 to the Space-Time Resolution of the Atmospheric Forcing 2012 Ocean Modelling 43 94-107
Omrani H., Drobinski P., Dubos T. Spectral Nudging in Regional Climate Modelling: How Strongly Should we Nudge? 2012 Quart. J. Roy. Meteorol. Soc. 138 1808-1813
Omrani, H; Drobinski, P; Dubos, T Investigation of indiscriminate nudging and predictability in a nested quasi-geostrophic model 2012 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 138 158-169
Bardosa J.; Haeffelin, M; Chepfer, H Scales of spatial and temporal variation of solar irradiance on Reunion Tropical Island 2012 Solar Energy in press
Pommereau, J.-P.; Garnier, A.; Held, G.; Gomes, A.M.; Goutail, F.; Durry, G.; Borchi, F.; Hauchecorne, A.; Montoux, N.; Cocquerez, P.; Letrenne, G.; Vial, F.; Hertzog, A.; Legras, B.; Pisso, I.; Pyle, J.A.; Harris, N.R.P.; Jones, R.L.; Robinson, A.D.; Hansford, G.; Eden, L.; Gardiner, T.; Swann, N.; Knudsen, B.; Larsen, N.; Nielsen, J.K.; Christensen, T.; Cairo, F.; Fierli, F.; Pirre, M.; Huret, N.; RiviÃ?re, E.D.; Coe, H.; Grosvenor, D.; Edvarsen, K.; DiDonfrancesco, G.; Ricaud, P.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Godefroy, M.; Seran, E.; Longo, K.; Freitas, S. An overview of the HIBISCUS campaign 2011 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 11 2309-2339
Colette A., O.Favez, F.Meleux, L.Chiappini, M.Haeffelin, Y.Morille, L.Malherbe, A.Papin, B.Bessagnet, L.Menut, E.Leoz, L.Rouil Assessing in near real time the impact of the April 2010 Eyjafjallajokull ash plume on air quality 2011 Atmospheric Environment 45 1217-1221
Boichu. M, Oppenheimer, C., Roberts, T. J., Tsanev, V., Kyle, P. R. On bromine, nitrogen oxides and ozone depletion in the tropospheric plume of Erebus volcano (Antarctica) 2011 Atmospheric Environment 45 3856-3866
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Valari, M., L. Martinelli, E. Chatignoux, J. Crooks, and V. Garcia Time scale effects in acute association between air-pollution and mortality 2011 Geophysical Research Letters 38