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Vautard, R.; Bessagnet, B.; Chin, M.; Menut, L. On the contribution of natural Aeolian sources to particulate matter concentrations in Europe: testing hypotheses with a modelling approach 2005 Atmospheric Environment 39 3291-3303 Détails   isbn
Menut, L.; Coll, I.; Cautenet, S. Impact of meteorological data resolution on the forecasted ozone concentrations during the ESCOMPTE IOP 2a and 2b 2005 Atmospheric Research 74 139-159 Détails   isbn
Corsmeier, U.; Behrendt, R.; Drobinski, P.; Kottmeier, C. The mistral and its effect on air pollution transport and vertical mixing 2005 Atmospheric Research 74 275-302 Détails   doi
Bastin, S.; Drobinski, P.; Dabas, A.; Delville, P.; Reitebuch, O.; Werner, C. Impact of the Rhone and Durance valleys on sea-breeze circulation in the Marseille area 2005 Atmospheric Research 74 303-328 Détails   doi
Guenard, V.; Drobinski, P.; Caccia, J.L.; Campistron, B.; Benech, B. An observational study of the mesoscale mistral dynamics 2005 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 115 263-288 Détails   doi
Bastin, S.; Drobinski, P. Temperature and wind velocity oscillations along a gentle slope during sea-breeze events 2005 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 114 573-594 Détails   isbn
Mestayer, P.G.; Durand, P.; Augustin, P.; Bastin, S.; Bonnefond, J.M.; Benech, B.; Campistron, B.; Coppalle, A.; Delbarre, H.; Dousset, B.; Drobinski, P.; Druilhet, A.; Frejafon, E.; Grimmond, C.S.B.; Groleau, D.; Irvine, M.; Kergomard, C.; Kermadi, S.; Lagouarde, J.P.; Lemonsu, A.; Lohou, F.; Long, N.; Masson, V.; Moppert, C.; Noilhan, J.; Offerle, B.; Oke, T.R.; Pigeon, G.; Puygrenier, V.; Roberts, S.; Rosant, J.M.; Said, F.; Salmond, J.; Talbaut, M.; Voogt, J. The urban boundary-layer field campaign in Marseille (UBL/CLU-ESCOMPTE): Set-up and first results 2005 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 114 315-365 Détails   isbn
Bastin, S.; Champollion, D.; Bock, O.; Drobinski, P.; Masson, F. On the use of GPS tomography to investigate water vapor variability during a Mistral/sea breeze event in southeastern France 2005 Geophysical Research Letters 32 Détails   doi
Drobinski, P.; Sultan, B.; Janicot, S. Role of the Hoggar massif in the West African monsoon onset 2005 Geophysical Research Letters 32 Détails   doi
Noel, V; Sassen, K Study of Planar Ice Crystal Orientations in Ice Clouds from Scanning Polarization Lidar Observations 2005 J. Appl. Met. 44 653-664 Détails   isbn
Menut, L.; Schmechtig, C.; Marticorena, B. Sensitivity of the sandblasting fluxes calculations to the soil size distribution accuracy 2005 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 22 1875-1884 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Bastin, S.; Guenard, V.; Caccia, J.L.; Dabas, A.M.; Delville, P.; Protat, A.; Reitebuch, O.; Werner, C. Summer mistral at the exit of the Rhone valley 2005 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 131 353-375 Détails   doi
Haeffelin, M; Barthes, L; Bock, O; Boitel, C; Bony, S; Bouniol, D; Chepfer, H; Chiriaco, M; Cuesta, J; Delanoe, J; Drobinski, P, Dufresne, J-L; Flamant, C; Grall, M; Hodzic, A; Hourdin, F; Lapouge, F; Lemaitre, Y; Mathieu, A; Morille, Y; Naud, C; Noel, V; O'Hirok, B; Pelon, J; Pietras, C; Protat, A; Romand, B; Scialom, G; Vautard, R SIRTA : A ground-based atmospheric observatory for cloud and aerosol research 2005 Annales Geophysicae 23 253-275 Détails   pdf url
Cadet, B.; Giraud, V.; Haeffelin, M.; Keckhut, P.; Rechou, A.; Baldy, S. Improved retrievals of the optical properties of cirrus clouds by a combination of lidar methods 2005 Appl. Optics 44 1726-1734 Détails   isbn
Baumgardner, D.; Chepfer, H.; Raga, G.; Kok, G. L. The shapes of very small cirrus particles derived from in situ measurements 2005 Geophys. Res. Let. 32 L01806 Détails   pdf isbn
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