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Drobinski, P.; Dabas, A.M.; Haeberli, C.; Flamant, P.H. On the small-scale dynamics of flow splitting in the Rhine valley during a shallow foehn event 2001 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 99 277-296 Détails   isbn
Fochesatto, G.J.; Drobinski, P.; Flamant, C.; Guedalia, D.; Sarrat, C.; Flamant, P.H.; Pelon, J. Evidence of dynamical coupling between the residual layer and the developing convective boundary layer 2001 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 99 451-464 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Dusek, J.; Flamant, C. Diagnostics of hydraulic jump and gap flow in stratified flows over topography 2001 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 98 475-495 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Flamant, C.; Dusek, J.; Flamant, P.H.; Pelon, J. Observational evidence and modelling of an internal hydraulic jump at the atmospheric boundary-layer top during a Tramontane event 2001 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 98 497-515 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Souprayen, C.; Hauchecorne, A. Measurements of gravity wave spectra in the lower stratosphere by Doppler lidar 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 7879-7890 Détails   isbn
Vial, F.; Hertzog, A.; Mechoso, C.R.; Basdevant, C.; Cocquerez, P.; Dubourg, V.; Nouel, F. A study of the dynamics of the equatorial lower stratosphere by use of ultra-long-duration balloons, 1. Planetary scales 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 22725-22743 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Vial, F. A study of the dynamics of the equatorial lower stratosphere by use of ultra-long-duration balloons, 2. Gravity waves 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 22745-22761 Détails   isbn
Souprayen, C.; Vanneste, J.; Hertzog, A.; Hauchecorne, A. Stochastic approach for the transport of action, energy and momentum of atmospheric gravity waves 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 24071-24086 Détails   isbn
Furger, M.; Drobinski, P.; Prevot, A.S.H.; Weber, R.O.; Graber, W.K.; Neininger, B. Comparison of horizontal and vertical scintillometer crosswinds during strong foehn with lidar and aircraft measurements 2001 Journal Of Atmospheric And Oceanic Technology 18 1975-1988 Détails   isbn
Werner, C.; Flamant, P.H.; Reitebuch, O.; Kopp, F.; Streicher, J.; Rahm, S.; Nagel, E.; Klier, M.; Herrmann, H.; Loth, C.; Delville, P.; Drobinski, P.; Romand, B.; Boitel, C.; Oh, D.; Lopez, M.; Meissonnier, M.; Bruneau, D.; Dabas, A. Wind infrared Doppler lidar instrument 2001 Optical Engineering 40 115-125 Détails   isbn
Flamant C., M. Georgelin, L. Menut, Ph. Bougeault and J. Pelon The atmospheric boundary layer structure within a cold air outbreak: comparison of in situ, lidar and satellite measurements with three dimensional simulations 2001 Boundary Layer Meteorology 99 85-103 Détails   isbn
Dubos, T. A spatially selective parameterization for the transport of a passive or active tracer by a large scale flow 2001 C.R.Ac.Sci. (Paris) 329 509-516 Détails   doi
Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Riedi, J.; de Haan, J.; Hovenier, J.; Flamant, P. H. Ice crystal shapes in cirrus clouds derived from POLDER-1/ADEOS-1 2001 J. Geophys. Res. 106 7955-7966 Détails   pdf isbn
Dubos, T.; Paret, J.; Babiano, A.; Tabeling, P. Intermittency and coherent structures in the two-dimensional inverse energy cascade : comparing numerical and laboratory experiments 2001 Phys. Rev. E 64 Détails   doi
Menut, L.; Vautard, R.; Flamant, C.; Abonnel, C.; Beekmann, M.; Chazette, P.; Flamant, P.H.; Gombert, D.; Guédalia, D.; Lefebvre, M.P.; Lossec, B.; Martin, D.; Mégie, G.; Perros, P.; Sicard, M.; Toupance, G. Measurements and modelling of atmospheric pollution over the Paris area: an overview of the ESQUIF Project 2000 Annales Geophysicae 18 1467-1481 Détails   isbn
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