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Menut, L.; Foret, G.; Bergametti, G. Sensitivity of mineral dust concentrations to the model size distribution accuracy 2007 Journal of Geophysical Research, Atmospheres 112 10210 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Said, F.; Ancellet, G.; Arteta, J.; Augustin, P.; Bastin, S.; Brut, A.; Caccia, J.L.; Campistron, B.; Cautenet, S.; Colette, A.; Cros, B.; Corsmeier, U.; Coll, I.; Dabas, A.; Delbarre, H.; Dufour, A.; Durand, P.; Guenard, V.; Hasel, M.; Kalthoff, N.; Kottmeier, C.; Lemonsu, A.; Lohou, F.; Masson, V.; Menut, L.; Moppert, C.; Peuch, V.H.; Puygrenier, V.; Reitebuch, O.; Vautard, R. Regional transport and dilution during high pollution episodes in southeastern France: Summary of findings from the ESCOMPTE experiment 2007 Journal of Geophysical Research, Atmospheres 112 D13105 Détails   isbn
Deguillaume, L.; Beekmann, M.; Menut, L. Bayesian Monte Carlo analysis applied to regional scale inverse emission modelling for reactive trace gases 2007 J. Geophys. Res. 112 D02307 Détails   doi
Christensen, T.; Knudsen, B.M.; Pommereau, J.P.; Letrenne, G.; Hertzog, A.; Vial, F.; Ovarlez, J.; Piot, M. Evaluation of ECMWF ERA-40 temperature and wind in the lower tropical stratosphere since 1988 from past long-duration balloon measurements 2007 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 7 3399-3409 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Cocquerez, P.; Basdevant, C.; Boccara, G.; Bordereau, J.; Brioit, B.; Cardonne, A.; Guilbon, R.; Ravissot, A.; Schmitt, E.; Valdivia, J.N.; Venel, S.; Vial, F. Stratéole-Vorcoreľ-Long-duration, superpressure balloons to study the Antarctic lower stratosphere during the 2005 winter 2007 J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. 25 Détails   isbn
Hodzic, A.; Madronich, S.; Bohn, B.; Massie, S.; Menut, L.; and Wiedinmyer, C. Wildfire particulate matter in Europe during summer 2003: Meso-scale modeling of smoke emissions, transport and radiative effects 2007 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7 4705-4760 Détails   pdf isbn
Vautard, R.; Maidi, M.; Menut, L.; Beekmann, M.; Colette, A. Boundary layer photochemistry simulated with a two-stream convection scheme 2007 Atmospheric Environment 41 8275-8287 Détails   isbn
Pirovano, G.; Coll, I.; Bedogni, M.; Alessandrini, S.; Costa, M.P.; Gabusi, V.; Lasry, F.; Menut, L.; Vautard, R. On the influence of meteorological input on photochemical modelling of a severe episode over a coastal area 2007 Atmospheric Environment 41 6445-6464 Détails   isbn
Salameh, T.; Drobinski, P.; Menut, L.; Bessagnet, B.; Flamant, C.; Hodzic, A.; Vautard, R. Aerosol distribution over the western Mediterranean basin during a Tramontane/Mistral event 2007 Annales Geophysicae 25 2271-2291 Détails   pdf isbn
Vincent, R.A.; Hertzog, A.; Boccara, G.; Vial, F. Quasi-Lagrangian superpressure balloon measurements of gravity-wave momentum fluxes in the polar stratosphere of both hemispheres 2007 Geophys. Res. Lett. 34 Détails   doi
Martin, E.; Ducrocq, V.; Joly, A.; Joly, B.; Nuissier, O.; Quintana-Segui, P.; Ricard, D.; Sevault, F.; Somot, S.; Drobinski, P. The Mediterranean area: from Cyprim to Hymex 2007 Houille Blanche-Revue Internationale De L Eau 90-96 Détails   isbn
Vrac, M.; Naveau, P.; Drobinski, P. Modeling pairwise dependencies in precipitation intensities 2007 Nonlinear Processes In Geophysics 14 789-797 Détails   isbn
Drobinski, P.; Steinacker, R.; Richner, H.; Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Beffrey, G.; Benech, B.; Berger, H.; Chimani, B.; Dabas, A.; Dorninger, M.; Duerr, B.; Flamant, C.; Frioud, M.; Furger, M.; Groehn, I.; Gubser, S.; Gutermann, T.; Haeberli, C.; Haeller-Scharnhosg, E.; Ratheiser, G.; Ruffieux, D.; Seiz, G.; Spatzierer, M.; Tschannett, S.; Vogt, S.; Werner, R.; Zaengl, G. Fohn in the Rhine Valley during MAP: A review of its multiscale dynamics in complex valley geometry 2007 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 133 897-916 Détails   doi
Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.; Drobinski, P. Characterization of the diurnal cycle of the West African monsoon around the monsoon onset 2007 Journal Of Climate 20 4014-4032 Détails   doi
Courault, D.; Drobinski, P.; Brunet, Y.; Lacarrere, P.; Talbot, C. Impact of surface heterogeneity on a buoyancy-driven convective boundary layer in light winds 2007 Boundary-Layer Meteorology 124 383-403 Détails   doi
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