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Pison, I.; Menut, L. Quantification of the impact of aircraft traffic emissions on tropospheric ozone over Paris area 2004 Atmospheric Environment 38 971-983 Détails   isbn
Bruneau, D.; Garnier, A.; Hertzog, A.; Porteneuve, J. Wind-velocity lidar measurements by use of a Mach-Zender interferometer, comparison with a Fabry-Perot interferometer 2004 Appl. Opt. 43 173-182 Détails   isbn
Buss, S.; Hertzog, A.; Hostettler, C.; Bui, T.P.; Lüthi, D.; Wernli, H. Analysis of a jet stream induced gravity wave associated with an observed stratospheric ice cloud over greenland 2004 Atmos. Chem. Phys. 4 1183-1200 Détails   isbn
Hamilton, K.; Hertzog, A.; Vial, F.; Stenchikov, G. Longitudinal variation of the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation 2004 J. Atmos. Sci. 61 383-402 Détails   isbn
Hertzog, A.; Basdevant, C.; Vial, F.; Mechoso, C.R. The accuracy of stratospheric analyses in the northern hemisphere inferred from long-duration balloon flights 2004 Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. 130 607-626 Détails   isbn
Hodzic, A.; Chepfer, H.; Vautard, R.; Chazette, P.; Beekmann, M.; Bessagnet, B.; Chatenet, B.; Cuesta, J.; Drobinski, P.; Goloub, P.; Haeffelin, M.; Morille, Y. Comparison of aerosol chemistry transport model simulations with lidar and Sun photometer observations at a site near Paris 2004 Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 109 Détails   doi
Carlotti, P.; Drobinski, P. Length scales in wall-bounded high-Reynolds-number turbulence 2004 Journal Of Fluid Mechanics 516 239-264 Détails   doi
Drobinski, P.; Carlotti, P.; Newson, R.K.; Banta, R.M.; Foster, R.C.; Redelsperger, J.L. The structure of the near-neutral atmospheric surface layer 2004 Journal Of The Atmospheric Sciences 61 699-714 Détails   isbn
Cros, B.; Durand, P.; Cachier, H.; Drobinski, P.; Frejafon, E.; Kottmeier, C.; Perros, P.E.; Peuch, V.H.; Ponche, J.L.; Robin, D.; Said, F.; Toupance, G.; Wortham, H. The ESCOMPTE program: an overview 2004 Atmospheric Research 69 241-279 Détails   doi
Haeffelin, M; Barthes, L; Bock, O; Boitel, C; Bony, S; Bouniol, D; Chepfer, H; Chiriaco, M; Cuesta, J; Delanoe, J; Drobinski, P, Dufresne, J-L; Flamant, C; Grall, M; Hodzic, A; Hourdin, F; Lapouge, F; Lemaitre, Y; Mathieu, A; Morille, Y; Naud, C; Noel, V; O'Hirok, B; Pelon, J; Pietras, C; Protat, A; Romand, B; Scialom, G; Vautard, R SIRTA : A ground-based atmospheric observatory for cloud and aerosol research 2005 Annales Geophysicae 23 253-275 Détails   pdf url
Cadet, B.; Giraud, V.; Haeffelin, M.; Keckhut, P.; Rechou, A.; Baldy, S. Improved retrievals of the optical properties of cirrus clouds by a combination of lidar methods 2005 Appl. Optics 44 1726-1734 Détails   isbn
Noel, V; Sassen, K Study of Planar Ice Crystal Orientations in Ice Clouds from Scanning Polarization Lidar Observations 2005 J. Appl. Met. 44 653-664 Détails   isbn
Chepfer, H; Noel, V; Minnis, P; Baumgardner, D; Nguyen, L; Raga, G; McGill, M; Yang, P Particle Habit in Tropical Ice Clouds During CRYSTAL-FACE: Comparison of two Remote Sensing Techniques with In Situ Observations 2005 J. Geophys. Res. 110 D16204 Détails   pdf isbn
Dubuisson, P.; Giraud, V.; Chomette, O.; Chepfer, H.; Pelon, J. Fast radiative transfer modeling for infrared imaging radiometry 2005 J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Tr. 95 201-220 Détails   isbn
Baumgardner, D.; Chepfer, H.; Raga, G.; Kok, G. L. The shapes of very small cirrus particles derived from in situ measurements 2005 Geophys. Res. Let. 32 L01806 Détails   pdf isbn
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