Final CIRAMOSA meeting:
"CIRAMOSA and beyond"
20 and 21 November 2003 at CNES headquarters, Paris

20 November 2003
10h30 Introduction Claudia Stubenrauch, LMD, France
CIRAMOSA results
Chair: Ulrich Schumann, DLR / Jean-Franįois Gayet, LaMP
10h40 Compilation of regional cirrus physical and microphysical properties Andreas Macke, IfMK, Germany
11h15 Cirrus cloud microphysical and macrophysical properties as derived from ATSR-2 Anthony Baran, MetOffice, UK
11h50 Use of POLDER/ATSR-2 synergy for study of radiative properties of cirrus Eric Pachard, CNRS-LOA, France
12h25 Retrieval of effective ice crystal size and ice water path in the infrared from TOVS path-B and their correlations with the state of the atmosphere Gaby Rädel, CNRS-LMD, France
13h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00 Sensitivity of radiative fluxes to parametrizations of ice crystals John Edwards, MetOffice, UK
14h30 Effect of parametrizations on radiative fluxes using TOVS-ScaRab observations Claudia Stubenrauch, CNRS-LMD, France

Ice crystal single scattering properties in the VSI and IR
Chair: Jean-Franįois Gayet, LaMP
15h00 State of the art Anthony Baran, MetOffice, UK
15h30 Orientation of ice crystals Franįois-Marie Breon, LSCE, France

Climate Models
Chair: Jean-Franįois Gayet, LaMP / Jon Egill Kristjansson, Uni Oslo
15h45 UM results in respect to a new ice crystal parametrization John Edwards, MetOffice, UK
16h05-16h35 Coffee break
16h35 State of the art for the treatment of cirrus clouds in climate models Ulrike Lohmann, Dalhousie University, Canada
17h05 CIRAMOSA milestones Claudia Stubenrauch, CNRS-LMD, France
17h05 Discussion on improvements in climate models: how can climate models use the CIRAMOSA results? what information is still missing? Jon Egill Kristjansson
18h15 Adjourn

21 November 2003
Cirrus processes
Chair: Adrian Tompkins, ECMWF
8h30 Ice crystal aggregation Paul Field, Met Office, France
8h50 Can we detect cirrus changes with remote sensing Bernd Kärcher, DLR, Germany
9h20 Discussion on cirrus processes and implementation in climate models

Related projects and analyses
Chair: Adrian Tompkins, ECMWF / Bernd Kärcher, DLR
9h40 INCA, relative humidities, TROCCINOX, Hibiscus Ulrich Schumann, DLR, Germany
10h10-10h40 Coffee break
10h40 SPICE Jean-Franįois Gayet, LaMP, France
10h55 Measurements of microphysical and optical properties of ice crystals in the AIDA cloud chamber Ottmar Möhler, IMK, Germany
11h10 Cirrus from Lidar-Radar ground observations Alain Protat, CETP, France
11h30 Longterm cirrus observation from Lidar ground observations Philippe Keckhut, SA, France

Satellite Missions and what do they provide
Chair: Bernd Kärcher, DLR / Andreas Macke, IfMK
11h50 The natural variability of planatary cirrus cloud cover Kostas Eleftheratos, University of Athens, Greece
12h20 Survey of atmospheric and cirrus properties from longterm datasets (TOVS,ISCCP) Claudia Stubenrauch, CNRS-LMD, France
12h35-13h50 Lunch
13h50 Satellite remote sensing using AVHRR, ATSR, MODIS, MSG Ulrich Schumann, DLR, Germany
14h15 New cirrus detection technique for SCIAMACHY on board Envisat Juan Acarreta, KNMI, Netherlands
14h30 Current status of AIRS-AMSU on Aqua Alain Chédin, CNRS-LMD, France
14h50 Vertical cloud structure from CALIPSO - CloudSat - PARASOL (Aqua Train) Jacques Pelon, SA, France
15h10 Discussion on currently available satellite data and radiative transfer models for cirrus research

Developping a project on aerosol-dynamics-cirrus-radiation interactions and their impact on climate?

Ulrich Schumann, Claudia Stubenrauch
16h30 Adjourn