McMurdo 2005

The Stratéole/Vorcore campaign took place from August 20, 2005 to November 11, 2005 in the american Antarctic McMurdo station. It was aimed at studying the dynamics and transport inside the southern-hemisphere stratospheric polar vortex. The project uniqueness comes from the use of superpressure balloons to sample the atmosphere. Such balloons are actually advected by the wind for several monthes and therefore perform quasi-Lagrangian observations.
During the campaign, 27 balloons have been launched and the last flight terminated in February 2006. Each balloon carried a scientific gondola whose goal was:

CNES and LMD would like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation as well as the French Polar Institute (IPEV) for their respective support in managing the organization of the Stratéole/Vorcore campaign.

Special Announcements
Champagne ! November 25 : The Stratéole/Vorcore campaign has reached today 100,000 observations. Flight SV-02-h (Martine) will break this evening the duration record for a stratospheric superpressure balloon : 80 days. And there are still 17 balloons in flight. Champaign !
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé October 29: 19 + 2 = 21 superpressure balloons in the polar stratospheric vortex.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé October 26: Two more balloons released in the Antarctic polar vortex. 19 are currently flying simultaneously.
Ballon pressurisé October 19: 23th flight this morning: the balloon has correctly pressurized and the gondola is OK.
Ballon pressurisé October 17: With the successful release of the 22th flight, there are now 16 supepressure balloons in the Antarctic stratosphere.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé Octobre 15: For the first time of the campaign, the 21th balloon bursts when overpressurizing. Fresh news soon in the Post.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé October 14: Flights 19 and 20 have just been injected in the polar vortex this morning.
Ballon pressurisé October 8: The 12th flight has been destroyed by a killing mountain wave above Palmer Peninsula.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé October 6: Two more balloons this morning in the stratosphere. 14 are currently in flight.
Ballon pressurisé October 5: In wind conditions at the limit, we have succesfully released this early afternoon the 16th superpressure balloon in the stratosphere.
Ballon pressurisé October 4: This morning, we have launched the first turbulence payload on the 15th flight.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé September 28: Déja vu ! One down (the 5th), one up (the 14th). Still 10 in flight.
Ballon pressurisé September 26: The 13th balloon has been launched today with a temperature of -36°C. And still 13 to go...
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé September 24: One down (the 9th), one up (the 12th). More news soon in the Post.
Ballon pressurisé September 23: Another nice afternoon in McMurdo, and the 11th balloon left off at 3pm local time, by -30°C.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé September 22: Two more balloons in the Antarctic stratosphere. One 8.5-m diameter and one 10-m diameter that fly perfectly !
Ballon pressurisé September 20: The eighth Stratéole/Vorcore balloon has been launched successfully this afternoon. The 8,5 m-diameter balloon has reached its nominal floating level at 72 hPa.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé September 18: Two 10-m balloons launched this morning. Unfortunately, the first one was accidentaly cut down during its ascention. Everything looks OK for the second flight. Have a look at the Post for more details.
Ballon pressurisé September 13: The fifth Stratéole/Vorcore balloon has been released this morning, under the sun and by -33.5°C.
Ballon au sol September 11: The first balloon that we released has fallen tonight. Likely reasons for this shorter than expected flight in the current issue of the Post.
Ballon pressurisé Ballon pressurisé September 10: Two balloons released this morning in the vortex core. Pictures and further report in the Post.
Ballon pressurisé The second balloon has been launched this morning, September 7, 9:30 AM. The surpressure has risen up to nominal values when the balloon has reached its float level, and the gondola works perfectly.
Ballon pressurisé The first Stratréole/Vorcore balloon has been successfuly released on September 5th. Further news on what happenned this very special day in the McMurdo Post.
TOMS Ozone Vorcore occurs for the 20th anniversary of the ozone hole discovery by Joe Farman and colleagues.

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