Analysis and Prediction of the Impact of Fires on Air Quality in the Mediterranean and Europe

APIFLAME is a french project funded by the PRIMEQUAL program for 3 years starting in 2010. The main objectives of the project are briefly presented for each workpackage.

A summary presentation (for the PRIMEQUAL 2010 launch seminar) may be found here.

Evaluating fire emissions

A first version of the APIFLAME inventory will be available beginning of 2011. (Contact: S. Turquety)

Transport and evolution of fire plumes

This part aims at better understanding the evolution of fresh plumes in order to improve the simulation of the long-range transport. Therefore, the case study of the large Greek fires in 2007 will be analyzed in details. Fires in Eastern Europe, strongly burning every year, will also be analyzed.

Relative impact on surface air quality

Regional modeling will be used to evaluate the impact of fires on surface air quality (O3 and PM) for the 2005-2010 time period, using surface and satellite observations to validate results.

Forecasting the impact of fires

The fire emissions and transport module will be integrated in the near-real time modeling and forecasting plateforms: COSY at LMD for a preliminary test, and the operational PREVAIR system once the module in mature.
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