How to contact the developers or users of CHIMERE

1. Contact the developers:
You can contact the developers, if you have questions about compilation, databases, parameterizations etc.
In this case, write to
This will send an e-mail to the developers listed here.

For your message, please follow this guideline:

  1. Re-compile and re-run the code using the --devel option. This will give you the code line number where th crash occurred and it could help you and us understand what goes wrong. To do so you need to
    1. add --devel at the end of the compilation command line, for example :
      ./ --no-oasis --devel
    2. add --devel at the end of the execution command line :
      ./ chimere.par.test.offline f 2017010100 24 --devel
    3. Run the model with the following command line to store the output on screen:
      ./ ${parfile} f ${curdate} ${nh} --${typmod} --restart ${chimrestart} 2>&1 | tee chimere_logfile.txt || exit 1
  2. Send the following files to the developers:

2. Contact the users:
For any discussion about the chimere use, you can exchange informations with the other users by sending a message to the users mailing list: (before you have to register on the users mailing list).