Interactive visualisation of CHIMERE model NetCDF files

  [May 23, 2014] Version 0.50 is available. Users are encouraged to update to the new version. What's new?
  [September 10, 2012] CHIMPLOT is the visualization tool for the HyMeX experimental WRF forecast of the LMD
CHIMPLOT is provided under the GNU General Public License
Copyright (C) Dmitry Khvorostyanov, 2017,
Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
  • This server is located at the Ecole Polytechnique

  • CHIMPLOT Features:

    Ease of use
    • CHIMPLOT is driven by an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
    • Once a plot is displayed the user can zoom into an area of interest, configure subplots, save into file, etc. (Matplotlib's interactive features)
    • The user can interactively define a new slice to plot by clicking on the points of interest within the current plot

    Main CHIMPLOT dialog: data files, slice dimensions, possible averaging over dimensions and operations over already plotted slices

    Plot Appearance dialog: plot properties

    • All combinations of dimensions for 2D plots: longitude-latitude, Time-Z, Time-Latitude, etc.
    • Longitude-latitude slices are overlapped on the continents map, with a choice of map projections
    • 1D curves in (possibly multiple) points defined by any two dimensions (e.g., lon-lat, time-z): time series, vertical profiles, f(lon), f(lat), etc.
    • Overlapping several fields, e.g., pressure contours + wind vectors + temperature filled contours
    • Overlapping plots from different files
    • Cross-sections between two specified (lon, lat) points with Y-axis being either Z or Time
    • Vertical integrals and means over any combinatioin of dimensions
    • Additional operations on already plotted slices: variance, means, min/max, vector magnitude, etc.
    • Templates: possibility to save parameters of a current plot as a template for further automatic figure generation from a new data: e.g., for automatic daily forecasts
    Presentation Quality
    • Python Matploltlib/Basemap graphics combined with multiple appearence controls of CHIMPLOT allow paper-quality figures
    • Figures can be saved in a variety of formats (png, eps, etc.)
    Data Formats
    • NetCDF only for the moment
    • Automatic detection of commonly-used NetCDF dimension names and altitude variables (CHIMERE, WRF, LMDz models)
    • CHIMPLOT is Implemented in Python with its standard libraries Matplotlib, Basemap, numpy, and PythonCard for the GUI

    Colormap GUI to interactively create, edit, and save Python colormaps

    Overlapped fields of surface ozone deviation from the time mean, 2m temperature, and 10m wind speed vectors

    Forsome reason this animation is not visible in your web browser
    Latitude - longitude cross-section animation

    Time - Altitude Slice at a given location (lon, lat)

    Vertical profiles of different species at the same location

    Time series in three selected (lon, lat) points


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    Learning materials from the Scientific Python Training Course for the IPSL (Ecole Polytechnique, October 14, 2013)