1. You need to have Scientific Python libraries installed to run Chimplot. The easiest way is to install a ready-to-use distribution, such as Canopy or Anaconda (they have Academic licenses). This installs automatically most of the Python packages used by Chimplot. Usually after downloading you need just one command to run the installation, e.g.,

$ bash

The contents of these distributions evolves quickly. You might need to install missing libraries manually, using Python packaging tools such as or another. If a library is missing, you will get an error message when running Chimplot indicating which library you need to install.

After installing Scientific Python libraries you need to add the PythonCard GUI package to your installation. Suppose you decided to install them to your /opt/scientific_python directory when running the installation process. Then to add PythonCard type:

$ /opt/scientific_python/bin/python build
$ /opt/scientific_python/bin/python install

PythonCard will be installed to the location of the Python used to run the script.

Note: If you don't have write permission to /opt you should specify your home directory, e.g., $HOME/scientific_python

2. After installing the libraries you need to add your new Python's bin directory to your PATH variable in the .bashrc file :

export PATH=/opt/scientific_python/bin:$PATH

This is to give the Scientific Python a priority over the default system Python.

Note: Using a python distribution is not necessary to run CHIMPLOT. It is just a convenient (and recommended) way to install basic Python libraires for scientific computing and visualization (like Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Basemap, etc.). See below which libraries are actually needed by CHIMPLOT.

Here is a complete list of Python libraries used by CHIMPLOT. Each of them can be installed separately:

numpy, scipy, matplotlib (>=1.1), Basemap (mpl_toolkits.basemap), netCDF4, netcdftime, wx, PythonCard, sys, os, math, shapelib

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CHIMPLOT is provided under the GNU General Public License
Copyright (C) Dmitry Khvorostyanov, 2017, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace