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Welcome on the CSTB site.
This site is aimed at sharing information between members of the CSTB committee, between the CSTB committee and the European research balloon community, and among the community itself. It has been designed as a wiki to foster collaboration and exchanges. As a member of the community, you are encourage to exchange, react, and post new information through this site.


Site organisation

You should use:

  • the Current events page (here or on the left sidebar) to post announcements on ongoing activities/campaigns,
  • the Community Portal (here or on the left sidebar) to initiate, follow or react to discussions relevant for the broad balloon community.
  • the CSTB Broadcast (here or on the left sidebar) to follow CSTB activities (including call for proposals and minutes of meetings).

Note that you will have to create an account to edit/create pages (anonymous editing forbidden).

A section of this site is only accessible to CSTB members.

CSTB in a few words

CSTB stands for "Comité Scientifique et Technique Ballon" (Balloon Scientific and Technical Committee). It is composed of:

aimed at defining and organizing the CNES/INSU Research Balloon programme.

The CNES/INSU Research Balloon programme addresses several scientific topics:

  • Dynamics/Chemistry of the Earth lower atmosphere (boundary layer and lower troposphere), upper troposphere and lower stratosphere,
  • Atmospheric electricity,
  • Planetary atmospheres (other than Earth),
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics,
  • Solid Physics and Electronics.

CSTB composition

As of April 2013, the CSTB committee has the following composition.

CSTB composition
CSTB representatives Ex-officio members
(representing committees of CNES and CNRS)
Scientific community Invited representatives

Claude Camy-Peyret (President)
Didier Vassaux (CSTB coordination within CNES)
Albert Hertzog (Scientific secretary)

Nadir Amarouche (DT/INSU)[3]
Matthias Beekmann (INSU/LEFE)[4]
Stéphane Charlot (INSU/CSAA)[5]
Cyril Crevoisier (CNES/TOSCA)[6]
Jean-Marie Hameury (CNES/CERES)[7]
André Vargas (CNES BL)[8]

Gwenaël Berthet (LPC2E)
Guylaine Canut (CNRM)
Francis Dalaudier (LATMOS)
Jean-Philippe Duvel (LMD)
Hermann Oelhaf (KIT)

Carole Deniel (CNES DSP)[9]
Vincent Dubourg (CNES BL)[8]
Christian Sirmain (CNES DSP)[9]
Nathalie Huret (INSU/OA)[10]

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