The DYNED-Atlas data base for the Mediterranean Sea is available here

The above file contains more than 11500 eddy tracks associated to meso-scale structures that survive more than 10 days during the Jan2000-May2017 period in the Mediterranean Sea. All the argo profiles performed inside each eddy, during its lifetime, are included in each individual eddy tracks file. If you use this data-base please provide the DOI reference.

The content and the structure of the file are explained here:


If you have any questions on the data-set or find some weird data do not hesitate to contact us.

astegner (at)

briac.le-vu (at)


A movie showing the dynamical evolution of the detected eddies and the locations of Argo profilers for the 2015-2017 period in the Eastern Med is visible here:



A new data set on SST images centered on the eddies detected by the AMEDA algorithm is now available. This data set contains three subset of SST signatures for Anticyclonic Eddies (AE), Cyclonic Eddies (CE) and No-Eddy case (NE) with cold core or warm core temperature anomaly. Some examples of these images are shown below (not all of them had such a clear SST signature).


This data set is freely available for non commercial use: