The DYNED-Atlas is an unique database of surface intensified eddies for a 18 year period (2000-2018) in two specific areas: the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea. A graphical user interface provided by CLS allows to explore the 18 years of detection and the co-localisation of Argo float for each detected eddy.


Click on image to access. The login and the password are the same just use (dyned).


This database contain the physical and the dynamical characteristic of meso-scale eddies detected from their sea surface height signature. The DYNED-Atlas contain (among other characteristics) the typical size, intensity and trajectory of each detected eddy but also an estimation of their vertical extend. The estimation of three-dimensional eddy structures are deduced from the co-localization of surfacing Argo temperature/salinity data into altimeter-detected eddy areas.  

The above figure shows in the left panel (a) the location of the cyclonic (red) and anticyclonic (blue) eddies detected with the AMEDA algorithm the 10th of October 2008. The positions of all the Argo floats co-located inside a long-lived anticyclone (728 days) in shown in the central panel (b) while the corresponding temperature profiles are shown in magenta in the right panel (c). The particular temperature profile taken the 10th of October (dark magenta) inside this specific anticyclone shows a deep warm signature in comparison to the mean climatological profiles (black) outside of eddies.