The Parafog software is applied in real time to CL31 ceilometer measurements made at the CDG Airport (near Paris) and the SIRTA Observatory.


(Palaiseau, Ecole Polytechnique, 48.7N, 2.2E)


(Roissy airport, 49.0228N, 2.5063E)

The Parafog method is presented in Haeffelin et al. ACP 2016

Parafog has been developed by CNRS/IPSL, in collaboration with RMIB.
CL31 measurements are provided by Météo-France.
Development of Parafog has been supported by the TOPROF COST Action (ES1303).

The Parafog software has been tested on CL31 measurements from Munich, Vienna and Zurich airports, as well as CL51 measurements from Uccle (Belgium).