Current Projects

MESCAL : Monitoring the Evolving State of Clouds, Aerosol, ocean, by Lidar, since 2014
SPACE-OBS; 2017-2021
EECLAT; Expecting EarthCare, Learning from A-train ; funded by CNES and CNRS, since 2009
EarthCare CLIMP CLimate Cloud Product, funded by ESA, 2013-2015
CALIPSO; Cloud and Aerosols space borne Lidar , NASA/CNES, in flight since 2006
CFMIP-OBS: Observations for climate model evaluation
COSP; Satellite simulators for climate model evaluation
GOCCP : GCM Oriented Calipso Cloud Product
SEL2: database contains a description of optically thin ice clouds from CALIOP lidar in space
EUCLIPSE; EU Cloud Project, funded by EU, 2010-2013
GEWEX-CA; Cloud climatologies intercomparisons, 2013
SIRTA; Ground base remote sensing observatory, since 2001