CHIMERE Biomass burning emissions programs

The CHIMERE model is able to read biomass burning emissions fluxes as input. Two programs are available for this pre-processing:

  1. The emiCAMS program reads the already calculated CAMS fluxes and reprojects the values on the CHIMERE grid and with the used chemical model species. This program is plug and play and enables to quickly prepare data that can be used for a simulation.
  2. The APIFLAME model reads satellite data, global model fuel load and calculates emissions fluxes. This model is more dedicated to research and enables to develop new biomass burning parameterizations, to develop scenarios, to change hypothesis on the emitted chemical species, etc. For download, the version 2 is available (whereas the publication refers to the version 1).

Description   emiCAMS     APIFLAME  
Make fires locations scenarios
Make landuse scenarios
Make fuel load scenarios
Make emitted chemical species scenarios
Prepare input fluxes for CHIMERE
Δx x Δy calculation 0.1 x 0.1 degrees 1km x 1km
Reference   [Kaiser et al., 2012]     [Turquety et al., 2014]  

Sources codes, databases and documentations are available for download on the "CHIMERE download" web page.
For questions, please send an e-mail to chimere @


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